Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Versus Galaxy S6 Edge: What’s Different?

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I’ve seen many tech editors being fast to judge the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, by saying “it looks just like the Galaxy S6 Edge”, but luckily someone is here to put a stop to this. It’s leakster @OnLeaks, who did a fine job posting a series of comparison shots between the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Have a look below:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge versus Galaxy S7 Edge 1

So, the curve feels a bit bigger now on the sides and the front camera is a tad bigger, too. Corners seem more rounded and the antenna cutouts are smaller. The back camera seems to have a smaller lens and it protrudes less, while the fingerprint scanner seems to have been modified, together with the sensor below the flash. You can also clearly see that the edges of the back side are now curved.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge versus Galaxy S7 Edge 2

Volume buttons are a bit more angular and have a different texture. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s lower area keeps the look of the predecessor, albeit with more rounded corners, if we can even call them that. Volume buttons are skinner, as seen from the profile and the metal frame is also thinner. That about covers it and the key words here are: smaller, thinner and better.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge versus Galaxy S7 Edge 3

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge versus Galaxy S7 Edge 4

[via @OnLeaks]

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