HTC A16 Leaked Out of Nowhere, Looks Like a HTC Desire

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Evan Blass has become my favourite source of leaks and this time he’s leaked a model that came out of nowhere. It’s the HTC A16, that feels and looks like a new HTC Desire device.

HTC A16 leak evan blass

We have absolutely no info about this smartphone, other than what we can see and speculate on. So, it seems we’re dealing with a plastic body phone with a naming pattern that makes it a HTC One A 9 relative. It adopts a big camera at the back, a spotted texture, which is certainly unique and two mystery holes at the lower back.

Those could be related to a lanyard or maybe a wireless charging mechanism. We’ve also got dual BoomSound speakers, this time smaller in width and sporting bigger holes. The color combo looks nice, but the blue version feels like a kid’s PJ. What do you think of the HTC A16?

[via Evan Blass and GSMDome]

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