HTC One M10 Leaked in White by Evan Blass

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While this weekend’s MWC 2016 debuts won’t include the HTC One M10, that doesn’t stop the handset from getting some press out of a fresh leak. The device has just appeared in white, courtesy of an Evan Blass Twitter post.

HTC One M10 leak white evan blass

Shown in white, it seems to be a totally different device compared to the last time we saw it. It has the looks of a Samsung Galaxy A model, rather than the usual Apple clone it has been called, together with the HTC One A9. The front camera is indeed massive and the Home button with fingerprint scanner is a tad more discreet than I expected.

I still can’t figure out if it’s a capacitive or physical button, but it’s probably the former. I haven’t figured if that black shade on the edges is a case or its actual frame…

[via @evleaks]

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