Samsung Galaxy S8 Render From ConceptCreator is the Best One Yet (Video)

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There are the Samsung Galaxy S8 speculations, the leaks and rumors and then come the concepts and renders. Today we’ve got a quality set of renders, which I’m very happy to introduce below. Coming from mystery designer ConceptCreator, this is possibly the smartphone with the most beautiful speaker I’ve ever seen, the bottom one at least.


It manages to take the Galaxy S7 and make it even cooler. The metal bits are now highlighted on the sides and the back also seems to be made of metal, although there’s a removable plate that hides the battery and lets you remove it too. The Galaxy S8 has a dual camera with a 12 MP and a 13 MP sensor combined. The cam and frame have beautiful golden accents, at least in one color version of the handset.


There’s also a pink gold version and looking at the white + gold model’s lower portion, I find that amazing speaker, that feels to me like the front of a niftly crafted Dodge, ready to transform into a robot. Seriously now, Samsung NEEDS to adopt dual speakers and this is the way to go. Also the dual camera is much better looking than the one on the iPhone 7 Plus, LG G5 and Huawei Mate 9.

Kudos ConceptCreator!





[via ConceptCreator]

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