Samsung Galaxy S8 With Wraparound Edges Also Brings a Dual Camera (Video)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to come earlier than usual to make up for the letdown called Galaxy Note 7, so that’s why we’ve started to see some leaks related to it. And of course Galaxy S8 concepts also started appearing, like the fresh one below, created by Techconfigurations.


This new render features a curved OLED panel, wrapped around the device and not limited just to the Edge. Those side edges are touch ones and offer icon toggles, for things like shutter button, ISO, flash and more. The warped edge can be used as a shortcut panel to switch between apps. Galaxy S8 is said to have a 4K display in this case, one that has a 5.5 inch/5.7 inch diagonal.


There’s an iris scanner here, that one from the Note 7, but possibly improved. We may also find out that the audio jack has been removed and the designer envisioned a dual camera module, with a 13 MP/12 MP config. There’s an 8 megapixel front camera here and the wraparound screen looks very cool in the video below. We also seem to get dual front speakers, finally from Samsung.

Hopefully the detection of accidental presses will be top notch here, to prevent missed commands or pressed by mistake.





[via Techconfigurations]

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