Samsung Galaxy S9 Gets Pro CAD Renders and 3D Video

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With a few years of experience behind, @OnLeaks and 91mobiles have come up with a fresh set of renders, for the Samsung Galaxy S9. They have obtained exclusive CAD renders and have a created a 360 degree video of the handset, which can be watched below.

One quick conclusion: the Galaxy S9 is to the S8 what the S7 was to the S6: a refinement of the design, to a new level. It makes the bezels narrower, curved areas curvier and moves the fingerprint scanner again, below the camera. The back is covered with curved side glass and the facade includes the Infinity Display, probably with the same diagonal as the S8.

The heart rate sensor has been pushed to the right side of the camera. The good news is that the audio jack is still present and hasn’t been sacrificed. According to the designers, the device will have a 5.65 inch diagonal, but the rounded corners may add or subtract from that. The actual dimensions are 147.6 x 68.7 x 8.4 mm and the bottom bezel is said to be just 0.1 mm slimmer than the S8.

I would see this phone debuting with a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen, but I’m not sure the tech will be ready in time. We’ll learn more as CES approaches…

[via 91mobiles and @OnLeaks]

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