Samsung Galaxy V9 Gets a Small Notch of Its Own

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Since the Samsung Galaxy S9 is now official, it’s time to start dreaming of spinoffs, am I right? This time we are treated to the Samsung Galaxy V9 concept phone, clad in metal and sporting a small notch of its own.

This is the creation of PHConcepts and reminds of the experimental Galaxy Alpha from 4 years ago. The camera at the back is now smaller and more discrete, the screen has a more generous screen to body ratio and the monoblock aluminum approach is something that Samsung hasn’t tried in a while now.

Since all things are cyclical, this may well be repeated at some point in the future. I see there’s a dual camera here, placed within a notch at the front side and I’m guessing some face scanning is also going on here. Not only the device’s frame is made of metal, but also its buttons. I would have put the fingerprint scanner within the screen, but I see it’s placed at the back.

[via PHConcepts]

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