LeEco Le X Gets Classy, May Save the Brand (Video)

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Concept Creator has rendered some of the most convincing concept phones over the past years, but now he tries something different. He takes a smaller brand and gives it a true flagship identity. It’s LeEco and the device is the LeEco Le X.

My first impression is that this feels like an older Galaxy S9 concept or even an S8 one, back in the day when we didn’t know much about these devices. In case you didn’t know, LeEco has run into some trouble, with finances and its CEO being wanted for unpaid debts. They’ve made some affordable and high end phones, with pretty good looking designs though.

LeEco Le X features a dual back camera, narrow bezels, curved screen corners and feels like a Galaxy S8 merged with LG G6. The back is all covered with glass and the zero protrusion of the camera is welcome. I see that the earpiece is very big upfront, so it may hide a speaker, a music one. I see that there’s a fingerprint scanner is integrated within the screen, a modern approach, for sure.

I’m loving the gold/platinum hue here, a throwback to the Xperia Z5 Premium days.

[via Concept Creator]

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