Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 Already Rendered by Ben Geskin; Too Early?

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The other day I heard a person complain that we’re already bombarded with Galaxy S30 news and there’s nothing sacred about phone launches anymore. The Galaxy S20 held zero surprises when it debuted, because it had totally leaked. Now we already catch a glimpse at the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, even though the Flip 1 was just launched.

It’s the creation of prolific designer Ben Geskin, who envisions a major camera upgrade and also an external screen upgrade. He rendered the device in purple, or better said mauve, with a quad camera setup and pretty much the same hinge. I feel that the hinge sides are a bit smaller and the hinge itself looks like rouged up lips, which fits the feminine profile of the phone. Here are the specs made public by Ben Geskin:

  • 6.8″ QHD+ 120Hz Infinity Flex Display
  • 3.2″ FHD Cover Display
  • 12MP Wide + 12MP Ultra Wide Camera
  • 64MP Telephoto Camera (30x Space Zoom)
  • DepthVision Camera
  • Snapdragon 875
  • 5G

I love how discrete the external screen has become and also expanded. It’s no longer a 1 incher, but rather a 4 incher, which seems like monochrome or some other minimal approach. The specs feel like the ones of a Galaxy S20+, that folds down the middle. I feel that a stylus would also be nice to have here. I’m not sure how you can cram so many cameras into the top side and not make it fall over with weight…

via Ben Geskin

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