Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Already Here in Concept Form

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The latest rumors say that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 may be unveiled in a few hours, but it may reach stores in a few months. Ben Geskin, the source of the rumors also offers us a view into the distant future, as he renders the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and also offers a comparison with the Z Fold 2.

First of all, the device will definitely ditch notches or punch hole cameras. Instead we get an under display cam, which will pretty much be the norm in 2021. We should also see a larger screen here, perhaps 8 diagonal for the main screen, or maybe even more. Slimmer bezels are also mentioned and a new screen protection and new hinge also wouldn’t hurt.

One of the biggest gripes I had with both the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip was the thickness of the bezels on both devices. Something has to change, but I can’t see it happening in 2020. Maybe in 2021, when the in display camera is ready, together with an improved UTG protection, improved hinge and maybe also a larger external screen.

Sadly, the price will probably remain huge. I wonder why no designer has come up with a different paradigm for the Galaxy Fold yet…

via Ben Geskin

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