Samsung Gear S4 Finalized Design Unveiled by Jermaine Smit; Augmented Reality Watch is Here! (Video)

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We showed you a preview of the Samsung Gear S4 watch a while ago, being fascinated by the fact that Jermaine Smit included a transparent body on this wearable. Then I suggested to him: why not throw some augmented reality in the mix?

Samsung Gear S4 concept finalized 1

Jermaine Smit proceeded to do just that and included a credit for the flip top idea coming from yours truly at the end of the video below (thanks!). That flip top raises from the body of the device, like a clamshell phone’s screen section would. It’s transparent and meant to be like a monocle of sorts, showing you augmented reality HUD features applied to real time imagery.

Samsung Gear S4 concept finalized 2

This means there should be a camera and sensors in the mix, I guess. Obviously the Samsung Gear S4 features a ton of glass within its design, plus a metallic round frame. As you can see the top part of the device is slightly curved and inside we find a more powerful than usual setup. This model marks the passage to a dual core CPU, solar power and 1 GB of RAM.

Samsung Gear S4 concept finalized 3

Samsung Gear S4 concept finalized 4

[via Jermaine Smit]

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