Samsung Triple Folding Prototype May Preface Galaxy Z Fold Tab/ Z Fold 4

Samsung Display held an event in early September in order to showcase the future of foldable devices. During a special event, the South Korean International Meeting for Information Display (IMID) 2021 they showed off the Samsung Flex In & Out.

This one is a 3 part foldable prototype smartphone, that can go from 6.5 inches to 7.2 inches. It’s an OLED panel, developed by Samsung Display and it can expand and contract its panel. It feels like an accordion of sorts and has a very small main camera. It feels like a classic Galaxy Z Fold 3, with an extra hinge attached to it on the side. You have multiple usage means for the device: one screen, dual screen, or full screen, with all 3 parts active.

I also see a sort of side screen, showing notification stuff between the bigger portion of the screen and the “external” one next to the main camera. The showcasing and demo showed viewers how each part of the screen features a different app. When folded, the smartphone offers a 6.5 inch panel, then when expanded it turns to a 7.2 inch tablet. The result is more rectangular than the square inner panel of the Z Fold 3.

It’s basically a tablet, since it can’t be used in portrait mode when unfolded. It’s also clear to me that when folded the device is very thick and would fill all pockets.

via tomgsuide

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