Sell Samsung Galaxy S8 Before It Develops an Image Burn

It is natural to get excited by the glamour and aura of the new launches of Samsung. The thought of flaunting Samsung Galaxy S20 or the Note 20 Ultra 5G, or may be some other model may be hovering over your mind. You can get any of these when you sell Samsung Galaxy S8 – your current companion.

Daily many people sell old Samsung mobile phones. You will need to plan correctly to choose the best among the available options.

Be it any model, the sooner you sell Samsung mobile, the better off you are.
Let’s have a quick glance at how to sell your old Samsung mobile at the best price.

Sell it to marketplaces like eBay and Craiglist:

There is an acute demand and market of used Samsung Galaxys on eBay, Craiglist, and many other B2C sites where you can actually get and sell to end customers. As such, there are no fixed prices as B2B buyers and you must remember that there’s a potential to crack a lucrative deal if you thoroughly look through.

Your asking price can be aggressive and potentially you could also find some serious buyers. However, that does involve dealing with spammers, window-shoppers, time-wasters and a bit of logistics in either sending the phone or meeting someone in person. One must remember that in case the phone is to be sent somewhere, the postal cost is to be borne by the seller.

Some companies offer specialized services that offer comprehensive protection for both sellers and buyers. The listing on such platforms is entirely free with a service fee added for the potential buyers. The team reviews the verification photos and also checks upon the IMEI to ensure that the handset is neither stolen nor blacklisted for any other reason thereof. Include the shipping costs in your offer and be prepared to ship it within two days of receiving the payment.

Trade It In for Credit:

If you’re okay with gift cards or credit, then there are several online and offline places where you can trade your phone for one of or a combination of these. To get a quick quote, you can either key in a few simple details in an online form or take it to a nearby store that has these offers. It’s easy to spot such local stores with a quick Google search. If the offer excites, you can dispatch your phone for free or also hand it over – as the case may be. Some of the big names in this segment are Walmart, Amazon, Verizon, GameStop, and BestBuy.

Sell It to A Mobile Buy Back Company:

The used phone market is huge similar to used automobiles market with several companies that would happily buy back your old Samsung Galaxy 8. One needs to fill an online form for an instant quote. Such companies provide free postage, and you get a cheque, wire transfer or PayPal within two-three days of receiving the phone. One needs to be honest and transparent about its condition while filling the form. Else, if the condition mentioned and the actual state of it doesn’t match, there could be price reduction or even cancellation of the deal.

Assessing the Price of Your Samsung Galaxy S8:

To get to the precise and the best price is an outcome of the research. Although one can take a short cut with aggregation sites. However, one must remember that such websites don’t list all the options.

It is also to be remembered that the prices drop as the handset ages. The prices that these sites mention are for a fully functional phone in decent condition with charger, cable, and the box. Most of these are cash propositions unless otherwise stated.

Homework is Extremely Important:

Invest a while on the research to get a fair idea of the options available. Sometimes a deal with a carrier might sound worthy or may be you can settle for less cash in lieu of the immediate convenience available. However, if you don’t research,you won’t be able to get a comprehensive bird’s eye of the market and the options.

When you feel in control with extensive market research, then only you would be able to make an informed decision to secure the best price for your Samsung Galaxy S8.

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