The long-expected trend Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The eagerly expected Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may be a spectacular model that combines style and functionality. The smartphone from the new Galaxy S series has numerous innovations. That intrigues Samsung fans. This article observes the tech features it may sport. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Design/Screen

This lightweight, sleek, and glamorous phone should come with various glass material front and aluminum frame. The planned colors are cosmic gray, cloud blue, and pink. They look amazing on an impressive display of 6.8 inches (or 17.27 cm). Ask someone to do my paper about this phone. It will be worth reading. 

Foldable smartphone screens are still new and not entirely discovered for the audience. People do not know what to expect! The resolution of the smartphone is 1440 x 3200 pixels with the toughest yet Gorilla Glass. 12 GB RAM allows using many applications and switching them without interruption. The expected internal storage is 512 and 256 GB. That is pretty enough for saving all media content and games without the necessity to count megabytes. Forget about the space economy.

Samsung S23 comes with an Android 13 operating system and a 5000mAh housing battery. The capacity is enough to enjoy games for hours and hours.

The juiciest thing in this smartphone is probably an incredible 108MP photo camera and additional telephoto MP and 40 MP front camera to take amazing pictures. Among the possible features are Auto Flash, Digital Zoom, Face detection, Touch to focus. The set of functions is ideal for taking selfies and making video calls.

Charging a phone is possible via four quick-charge 120W, USB 3.0, and wireless charging. The battery holds 7,100mAh and meets quick charging standards. 

The sensor will surprise with its finger scanner and face unlocking function, working under the display. The expected Samsung Galaxy S23 release date is December 2022. 

Summary: expectations

People admire the revolutionary design provided by the Korean technology division: curved on all four sides. This type of display absorbs lots of engineering work and performs at a high quality. Indeed, it is good enough to have Apple as a client and cell the giant representatives of their panels. This design will highly likely make this model the trendiest hit in 2023. But what about the practice side?

The futuristic idea to screen-cover the top and bottom of the gadget seems enticing yet weird and calls many questions. For instance, does holding a smartphone case undesired touches or actions? If it happens, fans will remain disappointed and probably omit this model for purchase and daily usage. No one likes ghost touches. No doubt that the inventors have a solution for this case. 

The price may vary in different countries and will surely exceed $1000. The intrigued fans will have to wait, which appears to be the hardest! In any case, it is the most innovative phone of the year with 90 percent of the screen with 16 million colors to the whole body proportion. No company has progressed to such a high-tech product yet. 

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