Android 1.6 Phone With Sony Ericsson Roots Keeps It Classic

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It’s been a while since our last post with a concept made by an Esato board user, so here we are again, with a Sony Ericsson device running Android 1.6. The design belongs to user RKSynth, who keeps it classical and simple, as far as the UI is concerned.

Android 1.6 is the OS of choice and the design looks more like a combo between HTC and Sony Ericsson, but one with very rectangular edges. No idea on what the specs are here, but we’re guessing there’s at least a 3MP camera at the back, a 3.5 inch display upfront and maybe 2GB or more of internal storage.

There’s no need for dual core CPU or even a 1GHz one in this situation so an older 600MHz processor will do. Keep this handset cheap and you’ve got yourself the perfect low end device of the future.

[via Esato]