Sony Ericsson Beat, a New Walkman Concept From Frank Tobias

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You can find all of the Frank Tobias Sony Ericsson concepts on our website and rest assured that there are quite a bunch. We’re dealing with a Walkman phone here with musical features, a large touchscreen and probably a very good camera. The design is very Xperia-like, if you ask me.

Sony Ericsson Beat is an Android model, it packs a front camera and most likely the TrackID, Walkman Player and other similar audio features, specific to the Walkman models. It’s interesting to see the word “Beat” or “Beats” being used by more and more music devices. On the one hand we’ve got HTC Who bought the Beats by Dre company and now offers handsets with great audio systems and now we’ve got this Sony Ericsson Beat music phone.

Plus, there’s also the HP TouchPad tablet with Beats audio… If there’s any link between this Sony Ericsson Walkman concept and the Beats by Dre brand, we should expect a fantastic set of earphones to be bundled with it. Of course, since this is only a design, there’s no telling when this model will come to life.

[via Frank Tobias]