Sony Ericsson C909 Audi R8 V10 Edition Design is Cyber-shot at Its Very Best

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We’ll see Cyber-shot handsets with megapixel counts that are higher than 8 in 2009 for sure, but for the units that stick to that figure, design will be crucial in the years to come. Some day 8 megapixel will be “low end”… Some day, Sony Ericsson will make a 20 megapixel cameraphone…

Till that day comes we can have a look at this breath-taking Sony Ericsson C909 Audi R8 V10 Edition concept phone, designed by Tob!s and posted on Esato:



Some say that the “spyshots” of the device are made using a Photoshopped HTC Touch HD, which is quite possible, but still a great job. Combining the Audi and Sony Ericsson brands you get elegance, style and neat features (we can suppose). From the looks of it, the concept phone’s display is at least a 3 inch one and there should be some neat camera editing software in there, too…

After all’s said and done, we must remind you that we are yet to see a hot (and real) cameraphone with a touchscreen display.





[via Esato]