Sony Ericsson DJone – Return of the Walkman Phone

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Remember the poster we showed you here, promising the return of the Walkman phone? Well, it was a teaser for a concept, according to our source, Victor Cao, who forgot to mention this info in the first place. Well, at least we have one new device to look at. We’re dealing with a beautiful 4G Sony Ericsson Walkman smartphone dubbed the DJone.

Sony Ericsson DJone comes with a 3.6 inch multi touch OLED display, an 8 megapixel autofocus camera, capable of HD 30 fps capture and Android 2.4 as the OS. HDMI and a 1800 mAh battery also found their way on the handset, as well as a circular music touch control area, turning you into a DJ.

This touch area is placed at the bottom of the handset and it was the inspiration for the DJone name of the Walkman concept phone. Other features include the latest Walkman player, clear bass, clear audio, Sense Me and stereo speakers. I still think that Sony Ericsson Walkman can make a comeback… Do you?

[Thanks Victor Cao]