Sony Ericsson iMPERIA is a Touchscreen Multimedia Phone

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Remort1 is a fresh name among the designers on the Esato board, but his creation is pretty decent: the Sony Ericsson iIMPERIA concept. This touchscreen phone is both a music handset and a cool cameraphone, as it sports an 8.1 megapixel camera at the back with flash, autofocus and video recording (we suppose).


Beneath the screen you’ll notice a couple of keys, among which there’s a Home button, a Call and Reject Call button, plus another 2 keys for menu features. I wonder if this is an Android handset or a Symbian one, considering Sony Ericsson’s latest preferences.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this as a fresh XPERIA device, specially due to the name resemblance and we look forward to seeing more projects from designer Remort1.


[via Esato]