Sony Ericsson P905 – Full Touchscreen, Android and QWERTY

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The Sony Ericsson Android mania is loose, now that SE have announced they’ll be shipping an Android device next summer, so concepts had to adapt to the new trend. J. Havrlant is back with one of his high tech designs, the P905, that features a QWERTY keyboard (physical or touch?), a huge touchscreen display and Android OS plus its neat interface.

I’m guessing that the P905 has much better specs than the G1…


[via Esato]

  • Edward Campbell

    the Sony Ericsson P905 looks stunning. I hope this style phone comes to market with Android. I am salivating as we speak.

  • TK4

    For once if they just take this design and implement it, thats it.
    Game Over.
    This site build my hopes up, which is not promising!

  • TK4

    Thats a complement by the way.

  • I must say about my P905 concept that there are some mistakes (display is too big etc.), but thanx 4 complements.

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  • Fady

    I must say that the phone displays “exelency” I don’t know why but my first impression was “WOW” :O
    Great work J.Havrlant, this is the best looking Sony Ericsson I’ve ever seen.

  • rajesh

    Wow super sony ericsson mobile i love sony ericsson very very good features

  • Phenyo Leepile

    It’s now 2013 and all I can think about is “When are you guys going to send me the Ericsson P905?” This one, with it’s immaculate esthatic beauty, is bound to “Wow”! my South African friends and coleagues. Well done!!!