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iPhone Elite Concept Gets Remade, Improved

After creating that superb iPhone Elite concept, its designer, Mat Brady thought that it lacked something and instantly he remembered LG Versa’s game controller and came up with a new idea. This second iPhone Elite concept is a dual-sliding device, an elegant way of incorporating both a QWERTY keyboard and

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HTC G2, A Superb Android Device

We have shown you a T-Mobile G2 concept before, but here’s yet another take on the same idea: HTC makes a second Android phone. The new design is very similar to the previous G2, with the same high-resolution display and front physical keys beneath the screen. The QWERTY keyboard is

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Mystery T-swivel Phone Doesn’t Reveal Itself

A mysterious T-swivel handset surfaced online recently and no one managed to find out what brand it belongs to… So, it got the reputation of being just another concept/idea/prototype, a decent one though, packing a QWERTY keyboard, front camera and a hot display. There’s also a touchpad and two mouse

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2 Helio Concepts as Ocean Follow-ups

While the first Helio concept is decent enough to make it into a real handset, the second one sure is worth the “what were they thinking?” tag. I mean, come on, an entire sliding QWERTY keyboard is nice, but a tiny sliding keypad that only features number keys is quite

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