iPhone Elite Concept Gets Remade, Improved

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After creating that superb iPhone Elite concept, its designer, Mat Brady thought that it lacked something and instantly he remembered LG Versa’s game controller and came up with a new idea. This second iPhone Elite concept is a dual-sliding device, an elegant way of incorporating both a QWERTY keyboard and game controls.

The keyboard of the first iPhone Elite has changed and now it uses the full length of the handset, while Mat is still looking for a way to implement the best possible camera on this handset, without using moving parts (lens shutter etc.).


The specs of this beauty are nothing short of amazing: OLED touchscreen display, true 16:9 screen ratio, 60GB of memory, front facing camera and a 5 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom that also captures 640×480 video. This camera also comes with burst capture, image stabilization, red eye reduction, a timer, flash and much more.

Mat accepts any new ideas for his concept so, in case you want to add something or have a feature modified, don’t hesitate to post a comment on his site.


[via Planet Mat]