Sony Ericsson PXi Is a Left-Handed Touchscreen Device

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Targeting a segment of the public was never easy, so seeing a phone designed for lefties must please at least a couple of thousand people. PXi falls in the SE “P” series and is Bence Bogar’s creation. The smartphone is both slim and hot looking, as you can see for yourself.


It’s made out of magnesium and it features a 3.3 inch touchscreen that rotates automatically just like the iPhone. PXi supports finger and stylus input, while on its left side there’s a jogdial and another touchscreen showing the used apps. This Sony Ericsson concept phone doesn’t get enough memory it seems, since it comes with 2 card slots.

The list of specs is completed by a 5 megapixel camera with Cybershot quality and stereo speakers. Futuristic? Yes. Conceptual? Yes. “Phantastic”? Very!


[via Yanko Design]