Sony Ericsson Swoop Concept Supports 4G Connectivity, Packs 16MP Camera

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Here’s a cool Sony Ericsson concept that reminds me of a supercar, this time created by Esato board member zimB. This device is dubbed the Sony Ericsson Swoop and it’s inspired by the design of a new Lamborghini, as we showed you right here.

This time, zimB is back with some specs too, not only the concept. Swoop uses a Corning Gorilla Glass protected screen, with a 4.3 inch diagonal and 3D technology support. The MotionFlow technology shows fast action movies and reduces blur caused by quick camera movements. At the inside of the phone we find a new multicore CPU, the TI OMAP4470 with fourth generation OMAP technology @ 1.8 GHz.

Sony Ericsson Swoop comes with an incredible 12.000 mAh battery, HDMI, WiFi, 4G, 128GB of internal memory and a 16 megapixel camera with Exmor backlit matrix and autofocus.

[via Esato]


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