Sony Ericsson One, a Windows Phone 7 Concept

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Windows Phone 7 handsets are coming this year, we suppose, but concepts are here earlier, as proved by Jozef Kocúr, who created a Sony Ericsson design, based on the new mobile OS. Dubbed Sony Ericsson One, this WP7 device packs a full touchscreen display and a couple of basic buttons underneath it. All specs are a mystery, but feel free to fantasize…

[via Esato]

  • Jack

    I’m sorry, but what the hell? This is just laziness, what is so good about this that any other WPS7 Phone can’t do? In case you haven’t wondered, the OS of windows phone 7 is friggin restrictive, so unlessMicrosoft allow you to customise the hell out of the homescreen or other aspects of the OS, i just don’t see how this is going to be a blockbuster. No Dolby Surround sound, no 15mp camera, no 1.5-2ghz processor with a 4.5 inch touchscreen. Where is the design, all I’m seeing is some Oval shape piece of junk lacking any sort of craftsmanship and just bordering on the lines of pure laziness with a lack of creativity. The Sony Ericsson concepts are what kept this site alive for so long, and now we get this?? It’s ironic, I hate Apple to the core but I hate to say this but the concepts for the Iphone have been far more exciting than the BS we’re getting right now. Have you guys just no vision at all? Let’s kick Apple/Android where it hurts and DO THOSE DAMN concepts which they dream and wish they had that.

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