Sony Ericsson Zaito is a Two Touchscreen Phone

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Esato board member Remort1 is back, not discouraged by the critique of the Sony Ericsson Etio concept and this time shows us an interesting idea: a SE phone with two touchscreens. The lower part of the handset is used as its touch keyboard and you should also know that this device, called Sony Ericsson Zaito comes with a 8.1 megapixel camera.

[via Esato]

  • Haseeb

    This might just be a concept and never come in the real form, i.e. because HTC has this patent so i guess no one else can make it 🙂 maybe im wrong, correct me if i am 😀

  • Littlewiiguy

    Have a bunch of haters just flooded this site? I don’t see why such great deisgns are getting such atrocious ratings. I’d like to see comments or stuff to back these up but there are none. It just seems like this ste has been flodded by trolls lately and it’s quite frankly horrible for designers’ confidence i. Their own designs. I rated this design a four because it is a good design over-all but he keys are a little small and the touch-sensitive buttons aren’t needed in my honest opinion.

  • Jack

    Littlewiiguy, everyone has the right to dislike on a design, not hate as you so strongly put it. Just because we don’t like something that you may like, mean that we have to have the same opinion. The design speaks for itself along with the OS, look at all the five star designs of this site. You need to give a reason to wow people, this unfortunately does not consitute the title of a concept as this technology is already available, the touchscreen keyboard is just that, horribly designed and looks pretty unusable, the OS I assume must be Symbian and the camera is technology from 2008, earlier in countries such as Japan and South Korea. The design is nothing new or isn’t a wow factor, the simple fact is if you design something lacking buzz and innovation, expect some harsh criticism, he who cannot bear criticism should not be allowed to illustrate in the first place. What if he were hypothetically speakng, to sell this idea to a company or manufacturer that don’t care about the money but care about innovation in an agressive growing market? Son, you need to understand that in the market, innovation and a vision are essential, and this, like 99% of other illustrations on this site recently, are lacking spark. Hence the reason for the downvote, you want high scores, impress us and give people a reason to be wowed. The designs from three years ago on this site were just so much more exciting than what we have gotten from the ESATO foums recently. I hope those guys are reading this cause my 6 year old son can do better than thier recent efforts, this is from someone who has long been a diehard fan of thier work.