Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo is a Dual Core Smartphone With an Edge to Edge Display

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We’ve yet to figure out if this supposed first dual core Sony Ericsson smartphone is real or not. We suppose it’s a mere concept, that’s why we published it here, but as usual, the public will have the final saying. This is the Xperia Duo:

We can notice a front side that reminds us of the Xperia Arc and a huge display that’s probably 4.3 inch or even 4.5 in diagonal. What’s really impressive is that the screen on this dual core Sony Ericsson is an edge to edge display, like the one rumored to be included on the iPhone 5.

The Android buttons at the bottom remind me of the Xperia Play a bit and if I’m to venture in speculations, I’d say there’s a 12 megapixel camera at the back, taking full advantage of the dual core processor. In case this is a mere design, than it’s great for the concept creators who’ll tweak it into something even cooler. If it’s real, all the better for Sony Ericsson fans!

[via Phone Arena]