Rotary Mechanical Smartphone is a Steampunk Heaven for Fans

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We’ve seen a steampunk iPhone a while ago and now this current is back, this time with the Rotary Mechanical smartphone, created by Richard Clarkson. This handset comes with two interchangeable brass dials and a true rotary dial, plus a button dial.

The way of changing these is inspired from the lens changing process on a camera. The body is made of electroplated copper that was painted afterwards and made so to improve in looks as it wears out. The Rotary Mechanical phone combines both the steampunk design and the minimalistic one, plus it brings very interesting surface finishes.

This is also a modular handset, with parts replaced one new technology comes.


  • Indeed, it’s a very unique combination!

    I think the rotary dial and touch screen makes its unique yet cool. I liked it!

  • This is great! Love it!
    Where can i get one?

  • Vintage style for a new technology….

  • Paatipoopa

    Yea cool but they wont sell.
    You can’t compromise function for form, not with a phone, u can’t have a feasible juxtaposition of old & new that works if the “new” is a year out of date….. Which is equal to 11 earth years.