Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Incorporates a PSP and What Not

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The XPERIA X10 concept phone was created by Esato forum user Tigershark42 and is pretty much the dream of every geek out there. It’s a hybrid between a PSP console and the already famous Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, using 3 slide modes and running UIQ.


First comes the classical top-bottom slide, than the slide of the top part to the left in order to reveal a landscape QWERTY keyboard and finally there’s the right slide that gives the user access to PSP-like gaming controls. The phone also uses an arc-slider mechanism that improves the viewing angle and comes with a stylus.


In case you were wondering about the specs of the XPERIA X10 here they are: 3″ VGA or WVGA touchscreen, quadband GSM, WLAN b/g, HSDPA/HSUPA, aGPS, accelerometer, a 5.0 megapixels camera (with Xenon flash), a QWERTY keyboard, a VGA camera upfront and 8 gigs of internal memory.

That’s not all, as the handset also includes an M2 slot, uses Opera 9.5 for browsing, Flash Lite 3 and gaming functionality.


[via Esato]

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  • Tigershark42

    @hasif: Thankyou 🙂 This is one of my favourite works

    i wish sites like this would consult the designers before showcasing their work though. It’s things like this that stop me from uploading any of my more recent concepts 🙁

  • Tigershark42

    Many thanks to Thrystan for his great appreciation for all concepts, including my own 🙂

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  • Kunal

    I wish Sony Ericsson would really introduce a playstation phone sometime

  • peetee

    Who needs keyboard with big-4incher LCD screen like that? One must realize that the targeted users of this phone are not for geeks and techno enthusiast, base from the video it seems it has an inclination to be used for snazzy/saucy persons. For sure, this phone don’t have an X-factor but speaking of glamour and luster this gadget is very “appealing”

  • Luc

    I don’t agree that a 4″ screen would remove the need for a separate slid-out keyboard. These phone are usable as mini-netbooks and benifit greatly from a dedicated keyboard. Current touch screen keyboard do not have sufficient tactitile feedback to properly replace a real keyboard. However, physical keyboards should have user-configurable layout. e.g. I use Dvorak layout.