Sony Revolutionary Transparent Smartphone Created by Branda World

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The folks of Branda World have imagined a brand new Sony transparent phone, that’s detailed below. This is a futuristic handset, the result of creativity and elegant thinking. The concept here is “less is more”, which goes for abstraction leaded by ergonomics.

Sony Branda concept phone 1

This Sony phone has a transparent body and the chipsets are enclosed into aluminum rounded squares, that are hiding the silicon inside. When you look at the concept phone from the side, back, front or top you will see the light going through the transparent surface. There’s a double sided camera here, with both a sensor at the front and one of the rear integrated together.

Nano wiring technology is included here, as the enclosed chipsets communicate through carbon nanotubes, interconnected between them. Everything is accomplished with the aid of incredibly small wires, that keep the mobile transparent. Upfront we’ve got a transparent OLED screen, that can only show areas of itself, not the whole screen. For example you can only see the time, if you’re using a clock app, while the rest of the display stays transparent.

[via Behance]

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