Sony Walkman Rendered in Fresh Version, Runs Windows Phone on 64 Bit CPU

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Here we are with a new Sony concept phone, a Walkman model rendered by Lucas Silva. This Sony Walkman unit has a quad core 64 bit processor, a Snapdragon 410 clocked at 1.4 GHz and also includes 1 GB of RAM.

SonyWalkman concept

It’s supposed to be a midrange affair, with 8 GB of storage, a 4 inch 720p screen and a 5 megapixel main camera. The product weighs 147 grams, measures 8.8 mm in thickness and comes in black, white or orange. The Sony Walkman concept phone is supposed to cost just $200, so it’s affordable. The design looks pretty clean and reminds me of a HTC Desire model, which is a bit of a compliment if you ask me.

Notice anything weird here? Well, the OS may be considered strange, since it’s not Android, but rather Windows Phone. The idea of a musical Sony Walkman Windows Phone sounds interesting, but seeing how the devices with this OS are getting cheaper and cheaper, $200 may actually be too much for it. Imagine that a Lumia with similar specs may even reach $100 or $150. Which would you pick?

[Thanks Lucas Silva]

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