Sony Xperia R is a Dual Boot Phone, With Both Windows Phone 8.1 and Android 5.1 on Board

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I’m surprised I haven’t seen more dual boot phones on the market, considering people actually like the idea of having both a Windows Phone and Android model in their pockets. Well, here comes a dual boot Xperia, a concept phone created by Androgama and named Sony Xperia R.

Sony Xperia R concept Windows and Android dual boot 1

This model runs both Windows Phone 8.1 and Android 5.1 and allows you to choose your favourite OS. There are 2 base colors here, black and white and this device comes with tempered glass and 4 colors for the back cover (cherry, cyan, pearl and grey). The back is made of hard plastic treated with anti fingerprint material. The designer included here a special smart type of display, that adjusts the brightness in any kind of conditions and it also adjusts the color, uses a blue light filter and optimizes battery usage.

The Sony Xperia R dual boot phone has a Snapdragon 801 processor inside, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. Its design feels like a Lumia met an iPhone, rather than your typical Xperia Omnibalance approach, which is not a bad idea. On board there’s also a 4.5 inch HD screen with Bravia Engine II, a 13 MP back camera with 16x digital zoom and a 3 MP front camera.

Sony Xperia R concept Windows and Android dual boot 2

Sony Xperia R concept Windows and Android dual boot 3

[Thanks Androgama]

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