Sony Xperia i1 Concept Brings us to the One Sony Honami Experience

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Sony Honami is the model that’s supposed to start the One Sony trend of incorporating all cool Sony tech into a single device. Well, that means you get Bravia, Cybershot, Walkman, xLOUD, Exmor RS and all the other goodies one can imagine. And now Honami turns into the Sony Xperia i1.

Sony Xperia i1 Concept

Created by Ben Ling, this smartphone concept features a 5 inch Full HD Triluminous display that’s shatter proof. There’s Gorrilla Glass 3 protection aplied to it and at the back we’ve got a 20 megapixel camera with Xenon and LED flash. There’s Carl Zeiss and Cybershot technology involved in the camera area and you get HDR for both the front and back cam.

16x digital zooming is supported and we get a quad core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, BIONZ mobile technology, built in battery and Adreno 330 GPU. The case here is 7.5 mm thick and the whole device weighs 135 grams. Xperia i1 offers 3 GB of RAM, 4G LTE connectivity, NFC and runs on a 3000 mAh. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is the OS of choice. The back side of the device looks more like a camera, if you ask me…

[Thanks Ben Ling]

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  • alex

    Nice but still rectangular and bulky compared to
    S4. If only sony will to Samsung/iphone like form factor then they may get into the competition of mobile world. The thing is sony seemed to be blind n deft to comments of the people around them and proceeded on their own. The customers will now choose the good looking ones. Like myself I bought S4 instead of
    XZ due to its form factor. Altgough im a sony product user for long time.

  • alex

    More rounding, the use of slcd or samoled might reduce the overall thickness. Regarding the capacitive botton Why not pattern to S4 at it will reduce the overall height of the phone. S4 concept is great as Samsung tried to use the front side mostly for the screen. The XZ UI background color (grey and faded) seemed to be same with Honami. Why not sony does like S4 and make the Bravia Engine works in all aspect. It really makes bad and odd.

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  • jizz

    talk all you want, you’re just jealous cause SONY will rock the new era of smartphones hahaha

  • Hong

    @ Alex

    Go get your plastic S4. You dont even have taste.
    Why would Sony imitate samsung or Iphone SONY has its own originality not copy cat like samsung and iphone.

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  • jizz

    What so great about S4, its just another smartphone with a specs higher to the others unlike sony who has specs higher than s4 and still has so many features the no other phones ha tsk tsk.. With this coming Sony honami, samsung will crumble down

  • Dino

    Loving its beautifull look. Sony is doing a good job by following their own philosophy of design. Always support Sony for what they are doing. From Vietnam with Love!

  • Steve

    I’ll definitely purchase this product if the Sony Xperia i1 thickness is 7.5mm or at least thinner than the Xperia Z.

  • alex

    Ok lets say thats the identity of Sony, then could they not put cover on the camera lens like the SE Satio(I have that) and mini optical zoom and not a digital zoom. Speaking with identity, why did Sony put the Floating Touch technology of XSola into trash then just let Samsung benefit on it? Sony have extraordinary technologies but they seemed to weak in the market. Lets say Xplay1(I have that), nice but low power, poor resolution and contrast, thick ( its coz using lcd not even use slcd in which they with samsung was once a manufacturer of it). Why Sony let STC benefit on it? One more thing Sony Phones donot support multi-window and multi-tasking in their Net Search Engines like samsung does. U need to put off the then open a new window. Onother is that Bravia Engine (GOOD TECHNOLOGY) only apply to image and video viewing, why? Save battery life? Why not look Samsung did. They innovates the Samoled producing organic electroluminousence reducing battery consumption. Instead Sony used tradtional lcd (thick and battery comsuming).

  • alex

    I am a sony user from the time SE T610 to Xperia S. But for now I shifted to samsung (S4) because more software capabilities they put in it. Maybe Honami will please me this time.Morè physical rendering to màke it unique not à veŕy řectàñgular and thick one.

  • alex

    I am not crtisizing SONY. I am a sony user from the time SE T610 to Xperia S. But for now I shifted to samsung (S4) because more software capabilities they put in it. Maybe Honami will please me this time.Morè physical rendering to màke it unique not à veŕy řectàñgular and thick one.

  • Phone_Geek

    This Sony Honami really makes me interested about Sony’s products. I love the way Sony built the Xperia Z though the screen really has no problem if you will check it all by itself and look at it directly but if you’ll compare it to other devices it will seem to have a little less capable screen. But if you’ll only take a look on the design and form factor, the Z has one of the best build quality next to the HTC One and far way better than the disappointing S4. I believe Sony will end the year 2013 with a bang and start the 2014 right! Go Sony! Honami will be my next phone! I will get an S4 from one of the carriers here in the Philippines and sell it to get the Honami. lol

  • boyen

    Sony Honami will be my next phone after Samsung s4

  • sony i believe

    Sony is one best of when it comes to Electronics. I been a SonyFan since the walkman era, i mean I grew from Sony Products. I really love how sony designs its products. You can really its premium made materials and not just created to be finished instantly. SONY Honami im so excited! Maybe this phone will beat S4 or Iphone 5s. If Sony will continue on going to be like this I mean from Xperia Z to Honami then I wont look to other phone anymore! GO SONY! Make Believe

  • sylvanus thomas

    sony is electronic godfather… that’s all…:)

  • hasib

    i know to sony xperia F

  • Raviteja

    I love sony, i am using 5th smartphone of SONY product. Finally, i am using Sony Xperia Z. It is toooo good. But the thing is “sony is releasing products very frequently. They shoukd give gap to release the products.”

    Sony – I Believe.

  • William

    The sony experia is the most smart phone i ever loved