Sony Xperia Sai is a Bright and Thin Handset

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David Quijada aka ibolzurikato from Deviantart created a new Sony Xperia concept phone, one that uses interesting lighting around the edges and looks very slim, also slightly curved. There’s a certain sci-fi look to this model, that we’ll analyze in the following lines.


First of all we’re dealing with an Xperia, so it’s an Android concept phone, as proved by the icons on the screen and by the 3 capacitive buttons below the display. There’s a beautiful side lighting mechanism on the device and a gentle curve at the back. I also seem to have a spotted the camera and flash integration in the back area, both very discrete.

The device is elongated and curved, meaning it may sit well in the user’s hand, but I’m not sure it won’t wobble on a flat surface. I can imagine that the Sony Xperia Sai is made of metal or some new and resilient plastic material, while the front is all glass and the button part certainly looks like glass being transparent and all. What do you make of this Xperia render?

[via Deviantart]