Sony Xperia WX is a Windows Phone Model With Office and PlayStation/Xbox Services

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Timblaer has imagined a new Sony concept with Windows Phone on board, accompanied by PlayStation/ Xbox services. This model brings a very interesting angular device, with a sort of a pyramid at the back.

sony xperia wx concept

Originally, the Xperia series actually ran Windows Mobile, but ever since Windows Phone arrived Sony has been out of the game. There was a prototype at some point, but that never made it past eBay and such. This new model is called the Sony Xperia WX and it comes with Microsoft Office, PSN, Xbox Live United Network and compatibility with PS4 and Xbox One systems. There’s a camera at the back, probably on par with the 20 megapixel shooters of the latest Xperias.

We also get reasonably slim bezels, but the capacitive buttons below the display feel rather old. Windows Phone 8.1 brought support for on screen buttons, so that may need to be applied to a future flagship. I’d say this model is actually better looking than the current Xperias. I don’t know about PSN and Xbox Live on the same device, though…

[via timblaer]

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