Ultra-Slim Sony Ericsson Cybershot Handset Is the Definition of “Glossy”

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Sometimes you just spot a fancy phone just by looking at the fonts it uses on its keys and display… This says it all about the device below: class, elegance, Sony Ericsson, slider… is it a Walkman or a Cyber-shot (as its branding says)?


Well, at least we know that the mysterious handset features a touch-sensitive keypad, a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, FM radio and a 2 GB internal memory.

Notice those play and pause buttons? Might be a Sony Ericsson Walkman concept after all, but I could just be the millionth person asking SE to create a Walkman-Cybershot hybrid…



[via Uberphones]

  • Richa Sharma

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