Sony Xperia 9 Concept is All Screen (Video)

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There’s a sudden frenzy about Sony Xperia designs, with a fresh concept phone just popping up under this brand. It’s dubbed Sony Xperia 9 and it’s an all screen handsets. It has been rendered and envisioned by Gurpreet Singh and you can check it out below. Be sure to also check out the recently rendered Xperia Cyber-Shot from yesterday.

The Sony Xperia 9 keeps the core rectangular format of the Xperias, one that has been trademarked for many years now. This time though the front camera pulls an “Essential Phone” on us, with the sensor being placed in the middle of the screen’s forehead. There’s also a dual back camera here, with a flash between the two cameras. The buttons are kind of small and minimalistic, but let’s face, Sony never made big buttons.

There’s no earpiece here, so the Xperia 9 probably relies on a piezoelectric mechanism of sorts. The screen goes all the way to the sides, top and bottom and I’m guessing the screen to body ratio is higher than 83%. I find it odd that there’s no camera button now and I’m loving the fact that the back camera doesn’t protrude. I can’t exactly tell what this monoblock device is made of… could be metal, but it could also be soft touch polycarbonate.

I’d go with metal. What do you make of this newcomer?

[via PH Concepts]

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