Sony Xperia R6 Goes Dual Camera, Has a Sleek Profile

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PHConcepts is back with a glossy, glossy phone, a Sony Xperia concept this time. It manages to adopt the dual camera trend, while also not exaggerating with the sensor size, luckily. The back side is very glossy and seems to be covered with glass, but let’s debate more below.

For some reason I have a feeling this would be a good candidate to make a Sony Google Pixel phone. The glossy frame and edges feel like they’re made of stainless steel, so maybe there’s some iPhone X inspiration here. The buttons on the side don’t make sense, because they feel added and fragile, sticking out too much. The screen has narrow bezel and an Essential Phone-style front camera. No notch, thank God!

I have a feeling that Sony would find a way to make the dual camera much bigger. Just look at how much room they allocated to the Sony Xperia XZ2 back camera, feeling almost out of place in that area of the back. The problem is that it’s placed right in the middle of the back, not the top middle. The best thing that this phone has going for it is the thickness, since it’s very slim.

That’s what makes not protruding dual camera all the more impressive.

[via PHConcepts]

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