Sony Xperia XZ Premium Concept Brings a Dual Camera in the Mix, 4K Display Again

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Sony is still in the pole position of the 4K display smartphone battle, but the Xperia Z5 Premium felt more like an experiment, than a real product. Now we may never be seeing an Xperia XZ Premium, but that doesn’t stop designer Babak Soren from envisioning one. And it’s a doozy!


The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has a dual back camera, a front curved screen and apparently a 4K resolution again. The pattern below and above the screen is really interesting, sort of like denim meets pixelart, but I’m not sure you can pull that off in real life. A 5.5 inch 4K display is in the mix, while the specs should be on par with the Xperia XZ, plus a little bit of extra.


Maybe go from 3 GB of RAM to 4 GB, or even 6 GB, upgrade from Snapdragon 820 to S821, give this model the same 13 MP camera, since it’s pretty solid and include a crazy partnership. Since Huawei paired up with Leica and Motorola with Hasselbland, why not see a Sony-Nikon or Canon partnership? Imagine the quality of the resulting dual camera…

A 3500 mAh battery and metal body (Alkaleido again probably) are mentioned by the designer.



[via Babak Soren]

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