Sony Xperia XZ3 Leaked CAD Renders Turned Into 360 Degree Video

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Sony Xperia XZ3 has kept leaking over the past weeks and the latest leak involved a launch come IFA 2018. Now Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks) and CompareRaja teamed up for a bunch of concept renders, shown below.

They’re based on CAD renders and were also turned into a 360 degree video. From what I can see the device has narrower bezels on the sides, curved panels and what appears to be a singular camera setup at the back. No trace of the dual cam from the Xperia XZ2 Premium. Interestingly, in some shots the device seems to have a matte back made of metal or polycarbonate and in others a shiny glossy glass panel.

Sony Xperia XZ3 also seems a tad slimmer than the gigantic Xperia XZ2, which was over 200 grams and around 11 or 12 mm in thickness. The new device measures 10.1 mm in thickness and comes with a glass back, offering support for wireless charging. Water resistance is also on the table, plus a 5.7 inch Full HD+ screen with 18:9 aspect. A Snapdragon 845 is also here, 6 GB of RAM too and a 3240 mAh battery.

Interestingly other sources mentioned a dual camera with a 19 MP and 12 MP sensor working together. It runs on Android 9.0 P and has a price tag of $995. The metal frame seems more visible this time than on the previous Xperia XZs. In the video, unlike the pics, the back panel is clearly shiny and glassy. It’s got that Platinum vibe of the Xperia Z5. I can’t quite say I’m a fan of this design…

[via CompareRaja and @OnLeaks]

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