Sony Zeus Concept is Majestic, The Creation of Steel Drake and TechDesigns (Video)

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Sony needs a total hit, a genius move, something special and a smartphone that will rock the world. As usual phone designers have that covered way ahead of the Japanese company. Today we bring you the Sony Zeus concept, created by Steel Drake and TechDesigns.

Sony Zeus concept Steel Drake  (1)

It’s a metal phone with a discrete dual back camera and some badass looking curved screen edges. Well “badass” may be a bit of exaggeration, since Samsung has that covered already, with an approach that’s got more finesse. Sony Zeus approaches curved edges much like the first prototype of curved screen phones, like the Samsung Youm, Galaxy Round and all that.

Sony Zeus concept Steel Drake  (2)

At least this would mean that Sony’s finally ready to ditch glass panels and go to metal and curved glass for a change. I see those dual front speakers are kept, but once again, very discrete and well integrated within the rest of the design. I don’t know if to appreciate how massive and solid this device is, or to wish for more subtlety.

From the looks of it we’ve also got a curved top and bottom side, a welcome extra compared to the other curved screen smartphones. Mixed feelings about this one, but I kind of like it.

Sony Zeus concept Steel Drake  (3)

Sony Zeus concept Steel Drake  (4)

Sony Zeus concept Steel Drake  (5)

[via Behance/ Tech Designs]

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