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Lenovo Ideapad U8, Beyond MID, PDA and GPS

Let’s guess! What features a 4.8 inch touchscreen, EDGE and 3G connectivity and a “bullseye” optical mouse? It might just be the best MID you’ve ever used, or Lenovo’s Ideapad U8, a device that’s got them all: PDA features, GPS, MID functionality and even manages to replace a notebook, at

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Couple-IT is a Dual-Device Concept

We’ve heard about dual-touchscreen devices, about dual-SIM handets and even about phones that can use up to 3 SIMs, but a dual-device is surely new for us. Couple-IT is basically a twin gadget, that includes a dual-touchscreen cellphone and a laptop-style smartphone, introduced for the first time at Mobile World

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