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Squibble Braille Interface Eases Visually Impaired Interaction With Mobile Phones

Andrew Mitchell’s Squibble concept is a portable communication device, sporting a Braille interface, that will aid visually impaired or blind users interaction with the handset. The gadget provides tactile, audio and high contrast visual feedback. This portable device supports Bluetooth connectivity, it allows personal interaction and it comes with an

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Tactility, Cell Phone for the Blind

We have previously shown you quite a bunch of handsets for the visually impaired, either based on Braille keypads, voice recognition and voice command or even air chambers that change the shape of the phone’s keys. This time we’re having a look at the Tactility concept phone, designed by Siwei

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iPhone For the Visually Impaired

Yes, it’s true, the iPhone is a charming gadget, but it doesn’t do any good to visually impaired users. Thankfully, Bruno Fosi designed a Silicon Touch iPhone case that works with a special app and delivers all the functions needed for people with visual impairments.   Text to speech and

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