Aicomobile, a Handset Concept for the Visually Impaired

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Mobile phones are available in the billions worldwide, so there’s no stopping in getting one in the hands of each and every human being. However, some folks have impairments that stop them from using average handset. This is where designs like the “Aicomobile” come into play. Created by Russian designer Lord Leon, this cellphone is directed towards visually impaired users.

Aicomobile allows the blind user to make, receive a call and even send an SMS. As you can see, the device resembles a Rubik’s Cube and features Braille fonts and numbers, easy to identify for people who are visually impaired. The earphones will also play a part in the use of the cellphone and you have to know that the unit measures 40x40x40mm and comes with a strap, allowing it to be worn like a necklace.

[via The Design Blog]