Computer Systems Phone Replaces Laptops, Looks Like an Old-School PDA With a Twist

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The Computer Systems Phone is a very interesting concept, that attempts to replace laptops by giving you all the features you need on a portable device in a package that reminds me of a PDA. The handset comes with an extra wide display and an embedded keypad, that can be pulled out from underneath the screen.

Computer Systems Phone works on Windows and shows us a curvy design, that many will love. This model was designed by Beau Reid, who also included a high megapixel camera at the back and many connectivity options. We have no idea on the exact specifications of this model, but it surely looks like something that HP, Palm or Research in Motion would make.

I guess that the model is running Windows 7 and it should pack a 5 inch display (just lucky guessing).

[via designbuzz]