Xperia X3 Design Resurfaces, This Time With Live Pics

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Frank Tobias created the Sony Ericsson X3 concept we’ve shown you here and now he’s back with more shots of the device. You can find them on his blog or check out the pics below for extra design details. This is a 2.5GHz dual core smartphone with a 10 megapixel camera, in case you’re wondering.

The screen upfront is a 4.2 inch touchscreen and the device seems to show an impressive speaker at the bottom, if I’m not mistaking. This is clearly Android material, if you ask me and a smartphone that will probably become real in 6 months or so. Till then we’re left with the design and wishful thinking.

Some may say that this would also make a great Windows Phone device, but I guess it’s up to the designer to decide, right?

[via Esato]