Crowd Notebook Concept is Two iPads With a Hinge Between Them

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The raw idea behind this notebook concept is uniting two touchscreen slates with a hinge and calling them a laptop. The result is the Crowd notebook, designed by Philip Schaake, who is part of the German team Sensid Studio.

Brightly colored UI elements will allow you to interact with the device, reminding us a bit of Star Trek and Tron. The Crowd Notebook is able to separate into two modules, giving birth to two touch tablets in this way. This concept was a runner up in the Fujitsu Design Award 2011 competition.

I don’t know how this playful interface will appeal to serious users, but this would certainly make a great tool for DJs and people who have multimedia needs. Socializing and avatars are also the focus of this notebook, as are chatting, mail and web browsing.

[via Dvice]