Intel Magic Concept Multimedia Portable Device is Sexy

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Smart Design and Intel have designed a very cool multifunctional device, dubbed the Intel Magic. This portable concept device serves as a phone, an MP3 player and it also packs a web browser, plus many multimedia features. There’s also an LCD display on board and a keyboard, as you can see below.


The keyboard’s buttons are activated via a customisable fabric material, that will seemingly make browsing easier. This is sort of a mini laptop, that can also be used as a phone, once it’s closed up, or even a king size MP3 player. Wondering what solutions Intel stuffed inside: Atom? Moorestown?

We’d surely like Nvidia Tegra to sneak in there, or at least the Ion platform, perhaps with some support for Windows (Mobile) 7? Don’t mind us, we’re just daydreaming again…



[via The Design Blog]