Knot Home Tablet Features 7 Inch Screen, Multiple Functions

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Knot is a multifunctional tablet for indoor use, allowing the user to browse the Internet, watch TV, listen to music and much more. The device is a mere concept right now, packing a 7 inch display, support for wireless hotpot and telephony functions, via a wireless attachment.

You can hook up Knot to a TV or projector, use it to access the Internet or rely on its USB and HDMI ports for connectivity. There’s also a front and back camera on board, plus 2W speaker and a 3.5mm audio jack. Capacitive buttons and a haptic feedback scroller take care of the navigation. Using this sexy sleek gadget to control your home seems like a pretty easy thing to do.

Let’s hope that the battery lasts enough, or we’ll just have to leave everything running and go look for a power source.

[via designbuzz]