iPhone Air Render Features New Buttons, Tapered Body (Video)

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There’s a fresh render of the iPhone Air, actually more than that, a video created by Ran Avni and shown below. This one is a 4.6 inch Retina Full HD iPhone that makes some major design changes. We also get a more powerful CPU, new cameras and much more.


The concept iPhone was actually designed by brightknight08 and edited by Ran Avni. The iPhone air is a next gen smartphone that adopts a body that’s tapered to the bottom like the MacBook Air. At the thinnest point, this handset measures 5.5 mm in thickness, which is very impressive and as you can see it now comes in vivid colors, that are customizable.

The Home button has been removed and replaced this time by a backlit proximity sensor and the Silent button has now been placed on the top also working as the new Power button. Since the changes are pretty big here, this device has a large chance of not actually happening. I mean Apple may launch a bigger iPhone, but will they change button placement after so many generations?


[via Redmondpie]

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